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    Cleared for Takeoff
    MSRP: $38.00
    Was: $38.00
    Now: $34.20

    This darling tote is boxed with a bottle of non-alcoholic Cabernet Rose Juice, a mini journal, pen, …

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    Hello Weekend
    MSRP: $36.00
    Was: $36.00
    Now: $32.40

    This gorgeous blue pouch holds a few modern amenities. On the inside it says, Nice to see you again…

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    Let's Get Away
    MSRP: $159.00
    Was: $159.00
    Now: $143.10

    This exquisite getaway tote is filled with gourmet treats and a blanket for the weekend getaway. Ca…

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    On The Go
    MSRP: $25.00
    Was: $25.00
    Now: $22.50

    On the go snacks include pistachios, almonds and dried apricots along with Perrier sparkling water. …

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    Out of Office
    MSRP: $58.00
    Was: $58.00
    Now: $52.20

    Encourage them to get out of the office with this gift set. A leather coozie comes with two Longboa…

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    Relaxing Tea
    MSRP: $24.00
    Was: $24.00
    Now: $21.60

    A simple gift for any occasion. Our relax mug holds "Toes in the Sand" tea from Beach House Teas. W…

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    Travel Often?
    MSRP: $34.00
    Was: $34.00
    Now: $30.60

    This pouch holds some travel essentials including a Lets go on an adventure journal, a slim line sil…

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    Yes, I Have Baggage
    MSRP: $44.00
    Was: $44.00
    Now: $39.60

    Ready for take off? Send them a gift to enjoy on the plane. Snacks, journal, pen, luggage tag and…

8 of 8 Items